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Q: How to start a bio Roleplay


Some quick pointers to keep in mind. 

  • When writing your characters don’t rush to make it into a deadline. Treat evey character with the same amount of time. Sure some of them don’ need as many details as others, but try to keep them the same length and as interesting.
  • Create a bio layout so they all match.
  • Make sure they are all equally as important within the plot of the roleplay, don’t make some characters the center of the universe.
  • Don’t just give brief details if you are going to make the bios long and detailed. Really tell the story, make sure you are interested in the character, because if you are writing just to fill a word quota there is a good chance no one will be interested in him.
  • Make sure to keep all the characters diverse, and don’t be afraid to write a character who is not likeable. We all love villains there is a reason Draco became one of the most beloved characters in Harry Potter. Because he was very layered and people were very interested into his story. But not every character needs to have a dramatic background. Some are not as nice because of what they believe in.

Well, bio RP’s are not as difficult as they look and can be quite fun! It’s my favorite kind, here are some helpful links for your journey. I used my own masterlists links to find ones that were best for a bio RP.

Promoting & Tagging

Setting up an Application page and rejecting applications.

❆ How to Write

Writing original characters (for fandom RP’s that you need to add new characters, and to supply your applicants)

❆ Writing a lot

❆ Template

❆ Names

❆  Personality traits

❆ Faceclaims and diversity

❆ Extras:

Quirks/jobs and what not.

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Writing British Characters


People always assume that playing someone British is just learning the slang and how to speak correctly with the accent. Well, that isn’t entirely true.

Tip No. 1: How to sound British.

Of course you have to perfect how to sound British. Use these links to use the slang all the time.

Tip No. 2: Location, location, location.

They’re going to ask where you are from and you just can’t say Britain, shit face. What if they are from Britain itself? You need to have a “home location”.  What city/town? What district did you live in? Where is it located? What is it near? What are the customs there? It may also be important to know important counties and cities. If you can’t locate London on a map, it will be fairly obvious that you are not British.

  • How to live in Britain: Topics of The Basics, Law, Geography, Culture, Problems, Being Successful, Making a Difference, and Personal Life.

Tip No. 3: Wording and spelling is a very important factor.

The British change their wording and spelling a lot. Here is a British to American translator.

Tip No. 4: Know their hobbies: such as their television shows and what they do in their free time.

Not all the shows we have here in America are watched in Britain. Here is a list of the most popular televison series in Britian. (It stays updated, because what’s the point of posting one that isn’t?)

Tip No. 5: Myths about the British

We Americans don’t go around eating burgers and holding shot guns, do we?  There are always myths about races and countries.


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i am 99 billion % okay with that. :3

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if you’d like me to be co-admin, i can be. (be warned, my graphics ability = zero)

that would be lovely ^.^

ahh eden and i are making a slightly post marauders rp where like 90% of the FCs are PoC or non-binary and shit just btw

ooooo sounds interesting…. might check it out later. ^.^

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that sounds pretty cool to me. i’d be interested.

eeek awesome awesome 

I really want to make a marauders era rp and making it slightly making it au by making the marauders female and basically genderbent. and then having a bunch of poc’s and underused fcs. and making the character aged correctly.


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